Tabard transmog account wide

So leveling gets scaled down to 60 in the upcoming expansion. The reason is there is too many levels. In my opinion there are also too many reputations by now.

How about having reputations join that logic and make them account wide up and till the current active expansion? Anything you might want on a character still has to be earned, like gear and recipes, although almost anything you may need from old expansions like that are no longer necessary to the character, in most aspects.

Anything that controls an unlock, probably has either been moved to being account wide, via the achievements for earning exalted on just one toon.

Anything else, like appearances, mounts, pets, toys, etc, are also already account wide to begin with. That would be cool. The correlation I ment was, streamlining all 15 years of content. Every aspect of the game is getting devalued by every expansion. From just a simple class spell to soon to be legendary weapon transmogs. There are players out there where rep grinding is a part of their playstyle. They level up characters and grind rp for them. Something like this would remove that playstyle for them.

You have said it yourself old reputation gear and recipes are not much of a value point so leaving them as is should not be a problem. Streamlining should not mean combining everything but making everything flow in a more organized way.

tabard transmog account wide

Reputations really has nothing to do with streamlining but allowing players more freedom when switching characters. This is a whole different point, which yet again devalues apart of the RPG feeling but that is just my opinion. It also will cause more issues with how content is done when it comes to gain rep. Is there an add-on for helping to figure out your reps between characters and whats close to cresting the exalted line?

It does make it a lot easier for me to get certain things done if I ever do level an alt so…sure why not lol. But WoW has changed so much and everything is devalued. You will be able to transmog legendary weapons for example.

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Also, Transmog and mounts are account wide. If I roll demonhunter I would have to grind all the old reputations again, because there werent any Demonhunters when that rep was active.

tabard transmog account wide

I think they should just bring back the tabard system of gaining rep. Just remove the level bracket of dungeon you need for grinding said rep so you can grind anywhere. Not only will this mean you can keep character progression you can do it much faster.

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And I mean with older factions. But they should do it in. I will probably quit after about 2 hours but I really stoked to get my Vulpera and once they are max level make them grind up all the old reps.

With months and months until the new expansion comes out I feel it would be a good use of my time and something that your suggestion would kill. It would save time for players who focus on a lot of different alts to be sure, but you can reputation farm at max level, even in old content, even after the level squish.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account?

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tabard transmog account wide

Thread: Question! With Tabards becoming account-wide in Legion, do you need to get exalted on that character to transmogrify to it? Has any of you been able to check? Reply With Quote. Can check when they will make us able copy our characters to beta.

Brb while I farm frigging Mag'har rep to confirm. I guess so. AFAIK, you still need to be able to use the item in order to transmog it, as such the rep requirements would still prevent you to transmog a tabard in a character that has not enought reputation to wear it. Originally Posted by DeicideUH.

This would be easier to test if they let us copy character at some point, in addition to a lot of other wardrobe stuff. Will see if there are any realistic reputations to grind out quickly. Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking. Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios. Originally Posted by Reinaerd.

T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption. Originally Posted by AndaliteBandit.

There goes my hope for using the Argent Crusader's tabard port on all of my alts. Originally Posted by Socialhealer. Last edited by ComputerNerd; at PM. Well, one thing is, mounts that had rep requirements aren't needed on others. So, maybe. Originally Posted by ComputerNerd. Have any toys actually held onto a reputation requirement in the collection? I think it will require testing to confirm one way or another.

The profession requirement is very different, and a separate requirement to reputation. There could be a profession requirement on say engineering goggles for example in transmog.

In addition to possible profession requirements on other crafted armor or weapon most likely if they are BoP and currently require the profession to be equipped. Originally Posted by chalon9. There are several toys with rep requirements to use even after you add them, the Timbermaw one for example. Originally Posted by Adoxe.Official Returning Player's Guide.

tabard transmog account wide

Latest Patch Notes: Shadowlands. Other related subreddits. Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. The community has almost always hated whoever the public face is. They effectively become the avatar for all developers and become the lightning rod everyone directs their ire at. He certainly caught some flak, but not nearly as much, which may very well also be a reflection of simpler times; but Jeff always seemed like a really cool dude and seemed like he was a player first which garnered more endearment from the community as a whole.

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Yes, this Jeff Kaplan. The Overwatch community seem to love him too. In two or three years when we get a new face and they say things that upsets the community people will suddenly start talkimg about how they miss Ion. Its a never ending cycle of grass is always greener. There are now occasional posts talking about how they miss Ghostcrawler or posts stating he had some great ideas, despite the litany of negativity he received during his tenure.

It's a cycle that's been going on for a long time. The thing is, Ghostcrawler had hate coming from him from a very vocal minority, who mostly just attacked him.

He was great in that he would always listen to the community and actually respond to them and their issues directly. He would explain the reasoning for the changes and what they hoped to accomplish with them. People miss Ghostcrawler because he actually was good, not everyone hated him back then, it just seemed like it because of that very vocal minority. Ion on the other hand, the hate he receives isn't just people attacking him which he does receivebut it's also people calmly explaining the issues they have with him and his way of doing things.

They are providing critical feedback. It seems like with Ion, it's not just a vocal minority attacking him, but also the great majority of the community as a whole who dislikes and disagrees with him, his decisions and methods. Unlike Ghostcrawler, Ion doesn't respond to the community, he doesn't listen to them, he doesn't explain why they are making the changes and what they hope to achieve I will admit that they do actually attempt to do this sometimes, but often they won't at all, and when they do it usually doesn't make sense or the changes won't actually accomplish what they are hoping.

Ghostcrawler has even come out and said that the dev team did NOT know better than the community, and that they needed to listen to them in order to make the best product.

Sure, there were community members who didn't know what they were talking about and the devs needed to think criticially about which things to listen to, but that they did need to listen as a whole and be able to make the choices about which to listen to and which not.

Even when they specifically ask for feedback, they actively ignore it. If Ion is replaced with someone worse, I'm sure we'll have people saying "I miss Ion because he wasn't as bad as this new guy", or "Even Ion is preferable to this" but I doubt anyone would actually start to like Ion. If Ion was replaced by someone better than him, i guarantee nobody would be missing him.

I respect your opinion, but I think this post is exactly representative of the posts we were talking about.

(UPDATES IN DESCRIPTION!) How to Unlock Dwarf \u0026 Blood Elf Heritage Armor - WoW Guide

Posts about how the grass is always greener and how perspectives can change as we look back. I honestly don't think you remember just how much hate Ghostcrawler actually received at the time. It was just as bad as Ion is getting it. There were countless threads about how much of an idiot he is, how people can't believe anyone could think a particular idea is good for the game, how some event is going to kill the game, how they don't listen to fans, etc. It was ALL there. Ghostcrawler was absolutely hated at the time and the popular narrative on the forums was that he was incompetent and taking wow down a bad path, to state otherwise is pure revisionism.So I did some googling, saw that transmogs were accounwide.

Weapons etc. So I just spent the last 3 days grinding out all the nightfallen quests and rep for the nightfallen tabard. The 3 days of grinding made me realise, that just because I wanted to get some old world items to create a cool transmog, I would have to put an absolute kind of disgusting amount of time into grinding out this one tabard. But alas!

I went to work and did it. Edit: one thing that would have made the grind better would be having world quests reset more often. Instead of once a day I think old world content world quests should have more catchup mechanics, like double rep gained and faster resets on world quests.

However, there could be a level requirement that I am not aware of, as my alts are all sitting at level I cannot do this. It should open up your tabard collection instead of just hiding the tabard. Yes but it only shows the bilgewater tabard even though I have collected the horde tabard also from exiles reach, so this leads me to believe that maybe this tabard can only be turned off and not changed into another one?

Edit: I just bought the Illustrious guild tabard and now it allows me to transmog this to the bilgewater. It does not show the horde tabard or the nightfallen tabard. Tabards have a timer that you can resell them for the money you purchased and until that 2 hour timer is finished the transmog is not unlocked for your account!

Hope it helps!

I managed to figure this out in the end. Someone in game told me the same thing and a quick fix to get rid of the resell timer. Transmog the tabard that you bought, the one you wish to remove the resell timer from and just make it blank.

This removes the timer immediately. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Tabard transmog rep requirement. Gameplay Transmogrification. If my friend who works wanted to do this it would be completely unobtainable. The tabard itself is not account bound, but you could transmog its appearence over another one. Huh… I cannot do this. Can you suggest a tabard that works for transmogging that is easy to acquire?By StanNovember 25, in News.

Tabards will be account-wide in Tides of Vengeance, meaning once you earn them on your main, you'll be able to use them on your alts with some restrictions. A level 94 character, however, wasn't able to transmog the tabard, meaning minimum expansion requirements are still in place.

Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8. This is an hollow gift. First of all I considered tabards as a trophy. Why devalue the trophy? Secondly, the sole reason why I want to grind rep with a faction on an alt is simple, crafting recipes. Thirdly, who uses a faction tabard? You hardly see people wearing their guild tabards.

I like it when Blizzard makes unlocked stuff account-wide. Yet some stuff still should be a character achievement.

I personally don't see the point in tabards unless it increases rep gained with said faction when worn I have a couple friends who are exactly what I just described. It's still Once you've got the rep once, any time after that just feels like a pain.

Once you already grinded any given reputation, you just proved that you are able to show that "pride" or feat by being allowed to use it on any character one desires Why not make ALL rep rewards account-wide once you hit Revered? Not just tabards an tmogs. In a way I agree with you. However the tabard is the item that has the least impact on gameplay.

Why do crafters have to grind all reps to unlock all recipes? So for Legion they presented us crafting quests. People complained there were too many recipe quests, so Blizzard put them back behind a rep wall in BFA.

That tells me Blizzard wants rep to be something important. Then they announce tabards will be unlocked account-wide. I don't follow their logic, do you?After some highly sophisticated number crunching, we came up the following surprising statistic: the more you enter, the bigger the chance of winning. So get that mouse clicking. For that I put in approximately 1,500 hours or four hours per day. When looking for comps, you may come across websites and magazines charging to view lists of contests.

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